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15 Days Program

15 Days Program

15 Days Program

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We made a 15 days program that will suit you perfectly. You will find our best products regarding weight management.


1x Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

1x Herbalife Formula 3 Protein Powder

1x Protein Bars (14 pcs)

1x Herbalife Instant Tea

Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

The shake is a replacement meal that has no fats, only 220 calories and lots of vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is ready in less than a minute, keeps you full, and the low calorie count will help you manage your weight. 

Herbalife Formula 3 Protein Powder

When added to the shake, the protein powder will make it thicker, tastier and more filling. The added proteins will keep you full for longer, and maintain your healthy muscles so you can burn fat faster to get a lean, healthy look.

Herbalife Instant Tea

The Herbalife Tea is a blend of green and black tea that will help to speed up your metabolism. It will provide you with energy throughout the day, as well as increase your attention and alertness.

Protein Bars (14 pcs)

Herbalife Protein Bars are a delicious high protein healthy snack. With approximately 140 calories*, each Herbalife Protein Bar contains almost 10g of high quality dairy protein, which can help build lean body mass. Increasing your body’s lean body mass can contribute to an increased metabolic rate.

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